Paper carrier or Luxury or Printed bags with rope/cord cotton handle .
Innovative cord / rope / ribbon handles head for bags.


Following Bgas very fit use our cord/rope handle.

Polythene Bags • Polythene Sacks • Polythene Mailers • Paper Bags • Paper Carrier Bags • Polypropylene Woven Sacks • Polythene Bread Bags • Self-seal Polythene Bags • Vacuum Pouches • Polythene Aggregate Sacks • Polythene Compost Sacks • Polythene Refuse Sacks • Polythene Rubble Sacks • Food Grade Polythene Bags • Food Trade Packaging • Paper Tape Handle Carrier Bags • Christmas Carrier Bags • Greaseproof Paper • Tissue Paper • Kraft Paper • Patterned Paper • Coloured Paper • Bubble Wrap • Pallet Wrap • Printed Paper Bags • Printed Polythene Sacks & Bags

luxury rope handle high efficiency installing for paper carrier bag.

paper carrier bag 

paper carrier bag

paper carrier bag  use new cord-handle paper carrier bags  use new cord-handle


paper carry bag  use new rope-handle paper carry bags use new rope-handle
printed carrier bags rope / cord Gift bags rope / cord handle
Shopping bags rope / cord General carrier/carry paper bags rope / cord
Our sturdy new cord/rope handle  designed to resists over 20 Kgs carrier baggage
Test report from our government is maximum over 20+ Kgs by used paper carrier bags
“Slip in“ the new compact design cord/rope handles head. Modern product for simple installation.

Cord handle is new designed products. 
手提帶_新.jpg (15337 bytes)

icon0211.gif (1850 bytes) paper carrier bags  use new cord-hapaper carrier bags  use new cord-hapaper carrier bags  use new cord-ha


手提帶_新02.jpg (7212 bytes)

luxury rope handle

(1). Materials: Cotton & polyester Rayon& PP & Nylon & Elastic rubber.
(2). Shape:Round & Flat rope & Oval & Thin ...etc.

 Operation movie

paper carrier bags  use new cord-hapaper carrier bags  use new cord-ha

paper carrier/carry bag

paper carrier/carry  bag