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Bags manufacturer most time wasted on the manual working for the 4 knots cord handle. Do you any good solution to save man-made cost and increase your work effect ? In any case you will accept more order quantities from your new (potential) clients when you have make sensible decision to use our revolution new products.

We have developed a new unique product that will contribute the bag handle industry-offering both quickly delivery and cost saving, Our novelly new patented "cord handles" ,  approved with PATENTs in USA, Japan, Germany and China, we call it "slip in".

Today, We have offer you the best solution when you begin make a decision use our  non-knot-cord-handle the "slip in", you will to sure that you can accept more order &  production more products to provide your faithful clients. 

@ non-knot-cord-handle

If you need cord handle samples: 

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Thanks your attention. We await your comments to our products. 

We wish you will have a prosperous future at next year 2003. 

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Mr. Peter Huang

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